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We promise to "WOW!" you!  We would love to design a stunning cake for you (both inside and out)...or a beautiful and delectable sweet table using ingredients from the world pantry.   We don't use commercial mixes, or buckets, just quality ingredients and know how to make desserts and treats to make your mouth water! Whatever your needs are, we are hap, hap, happy to help fill them.!

About the creator

Cakes.  Birthday cakes. Wedding cakes.  Desserts.  Sweet Tables.

Who we are...

The proprietor of Just Crumbs Bakeshop, Gabi Perez was born in Venezuela and grew up in Boston. She first was interested in working with pastries while employed at a hotel at an amusement park. She was working on salad preparation in the kitchen, but a call went out for help in the bakery area.

She explained, "I was the only one who volunteered. I loved it! I loved the chemistry behind it."

She explained "Brown sugar, from a chemical perspective, is more than just a sweetener, it gives moisture and flavor. And an egg it is not just a binder.  It's a source of moisture and fat.  It's an emulsifier, a clarifier.  Gives color and crispiness to baked goods".

After getting her first taste of baking as a career, Perez decided to finally go to school to learn the "whys" of the things she was already making. She attended The French Pastry School in Chicago and stayed afterward in the city working for a hotel and a country club.

She eventually decided the time was right to go out on her own and opened a shop in a suburb of Chicago until the pull of the ocean breeze and the sand and sun enticed her to head west.  

She recently moved to the West Coast and will start offering her creations in beautiful Southern California.

One of her favorite tasks as a pastry chef is creating wedding cakes. She enjoys helping a couple come up with the flavor, colors and other elements of the cake that will mark one of the biggest days in their lives.

"Creating a wedding cake is a behind-the-scenes-role, but it's sweet nonetheless" she comments.  Whether is designing a wedding cake (or other specialty cake), creating a new flavor profile for cookies or other goodies, or just making an old time favorite., Gabi Perez can make dreams come true, in the form of a sweet treat

The best ingredients is key for a delicious dessert, and California gifts us the freshest fruits.

Handcrafted Goods

Everything is made fresh, using quality ingredients you can pronounce, so you know what you put in your body!

Cookies.  Desserts. Birthday cakes.  Gluten free. Wedding cake.  Anniversary cakes. Sweet tables.

Baked from scratch

We don't do mass producing.  Everything is made fresh, in small batches; in a commercial certified kitchen, following all health codes.

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